Maldives-journeys - Maria Feklistova's photography

The JOURNEY - how many positive emotions are gathered for me in this simple word. Travel photography is an endless source of inspiration, a motivator, and an amazing opportunity to see the fascinating places of the Mother Earth. In this photo blog, I’ll be happy to share with you useful information about cities and countries, travel planning secrets, amazing routes and of course travel inspiration. All photos taken by me.

The Maldives is an amazing archipelago which looks like it lost somewhere in the Indian Ocean near the equator. Not every map can display the whole archipelago because of the scale, showing only tiny points of the islands and the name of the capital - Male. It a special place for me. The place where my photographic journey has begun. The place where surprisingly bright colours create a feeling of implausibility, as if another world hidden on a tiny piece of land in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Do you know that despite the tiny size of the islands - there are almost 1200 of them in the archipelago, assembled in 26 atolls. The length of the archipelago is about 820 km long and 130 km wide, 99% of the country's area is water. Sometimes the weather at the northern part of the country is strikingly different from the weather at the southern tip of it, but nevertheless - I think, it's the one of the most comfortable climates on the Earth here. The next few posts will be about the Maldives, I hope my photos will inspire you for the Maldivian holidays.

The first time I arrived to Male’ I was shocked by the size of the capital and the population density. More than 140 thousand people live on an area of 5.8 square kilometres. This is the only city in the country, the rest of settlements are villages. Being in the centre of the city you never feel charming atmosphere of the islands' paradise. From the first sight it’s a densely populated Asian city with traffic jams, narrow streets and not so clean air will come up behind you . Nevertheless, if you have the opportunity and desire to see a completely different world, very different from the paradise islands - visit Male’. It is very simple to get to the city - by boat (departure from the airport jetty every 10 minutes) or by taxi (using newly built bridge – connected airport island and Male’) There is no way to get lost. Keep in mind that for visiting the city (as well as local villages) it is better to choose clothes in closed shoulders and knees, so as not to embarrass the local population, but this is more a recommendation than a requirement. For stunning panorama view - one of my favourite place is the bar-restaurant Azur, located at the rooftop of the Jen Male hotel with surprisingly different view of the city and nearby islands. One more all-time favourite place for me is Sala Thai. This is an amazing place with fantastic authentic Thai food and pleasant atmosphere. So many years have passed after our last visit, but when I close my eyes, seems I still can feel the aromas of Asian spices and the delicate creamy taste of Tom Kha Gai.

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